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About Goodman


Goodman Barber stands for three elements: Community, Humbleness and Growth.


When you step into our OG TST shop, you are greeted with an open sofa area where you can be engaged in conversations. We wish the experience at Goodman is more than just getting a haircut. Thus, we prefer a space that cultivates a sense of community instead of a few more barber chairs.


We always strive to be better. Sometimes this means making a counter proposal mindfully. That’s why we wish to gain inspirations from our gents and we will actively listen to their needs or stories. We don’t pretend that we know everything. We are here to learn and discover, with our gents, what’s truly the best for them, because some fancy and popular cuts are not necessarily suitable for everyone. 


Not only should a good cut boost our gents’ confidence, but it should also fit their lifestyles and should not be a styling burden. This is why we try to make our cuts as easy-to-maintain as possible and fit our cuts with our gents’ daily routine. Besides, we are obsessed with classical things that will never be outdated. We are not going to rigidly copy the olden styles and fashions to present. Instead, we would like to present the charm and glamour of classics in a way that suits the modern standard and aesthetic. We take care of the finer things in life, so that our gents can focus on what truly matters to them.


At Goodman, our true north is to help our gents grow. We, as barbers, hope that through conversations that make us aware of our gents’ grooming needs, inspirations from one another, and humbleness, we can all become BETTER MEN.

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