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“Shape, Maintenance, Fade” #1

“Shape, Maintenance, Fade” is our fundamental value. There are reasons we put them in such order.

Shape is our First Priority.

Usually, people associate Shape with their bodies, outfits or even bespoke tailoring. Fewer will consider hair when talking about Shape.

The Shape we are talking about refers to the inverted triangular shape which shares the same philosophy behind traditional sartorial, we use smooth silhouette and clean lines to offset the imperfections in our naturally born body.

Perfect fade does not necessarily provide good shape due to uneven skull shapes and various face shapes, especially the rounder skull shape above our nape that Asians are naturally born with. For example, skin fade on undesirable skull will create bumpy line that exaggerates flaws on skulls and violates our Shape Principle.

We inherit the aesthetics of the old because they are always in trend and will not go out of style when time changes.

“Shape, Maintenance, Fade”為我們的開辦理念,而Shape是我們的最優先考慮。






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